Veritaseum Coin – All details at a glance

The goal of the Veritaseum Coin development is to create a completely independent, decentralized capital market on a blockchain basis. Veritaseum was conceived as a peer-to-peer platform without a middleman, which sounds quite promising but is overshadowed by an unfavorable start, untrustworthy appearances of the project manager and a missing white paper. Here you can find out why the forecast looks quite good anyway.

Veritaseum Coin (VERI) – What is this Bitcoin profit?

Veritaseum creates software based on the Veritaseum token that aims to break through the financial services intermediary. Veritaseum’s product lines will enable global peer-to-peer capital markets at an incredibly low cost.

With the help of the crypto currency, global financial transactions will be able to be handled decentrally. Decentralized means that the middleman who is normally needed for trading stocks, bonds, etc. is not available. The Verita-seum platform works peer-to-peer, so trading parties get in direct contact with each other. This is made possible by the Ethereum blockchain on which Verita-seum is based.

Ethereum code was the first blockchain to introduce Smart Contracts

These are digital contracts which automatically check their terms and conditions and implement the contents of the contract themselves, but onlinebetrug reveiled that it is scam . However, Verita-seum wants to make Smart Contracts more user-friendly. Everyone should be able to create their own Smart Contracts even without programming knowledge. For example, they should be able to make purchase decisions independently. The financial analyses should also be able to be automatically translated into investment decisions by experts.

The Veritaseum Coin has two proprietary tools which, according to the developers, are protected by their own patents. VeRent stands for „Verita seum Rental Facility“. The tool makes it possible, like a Verita seum wallet, to function in the Chrome browser. Coins can be managed and sent via the tool, and sales and purchase offers can be created. The tool is very simple and can also be used by amateurs. VeADIR is an autonomous program that works independently of the blockchain.

The program collects information on assets and ICOs and evaluates them according to fixed criteria. VERI Coins can then be used to buy the valuations. The criteria and algorithms according to which the program bases its evaluations cannot be understood. A new concept is „Veritize“. A digital asset can be „veritized“, then converted into „Sub-Tokens“ and managed on the blockchain.

From the VERI coin there should be a maximum of 100,000,000 tokens. Apart from acquiring the VeADIR program ratings with the token, the question arises why one should buy the Veritaseum coin. In general there is still a lot of uncertainty about the project and the underlying technologies.